The Corporate Hippie

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The simplest answer, is action.

– A Fortune Cookie


Hello! I’m new here. You too? Cool. Let me introduce myself. My name is Kim. Most visibly, I have a couple of kids, a husband, and a dog. I’m a “corporate chick,” as my husband likes to put it. And I’m preeeetty “normal” in just about every way. Little bit of drama here and there, a lot of non-dramatic days, just enough adventure and very first-world problems.

The reason I’m here, is that the more I reflect on interests, passions and general behaviors, I’ve come to realize that there is a little hippie artist photographer in here *points to self* and being a type A corporate chick, it made sense to give myself a place to organize that and let the creative energy out. And let’s be honest, contradictions make the BEST stuff (leather moto jacket + gauzy skirt, feathers + blazers, dark + light, sweet + fierce, corporate + artist). Contradictions add depth and interest to just about anything, amiright??

I want to focus this blog firstly on capturing and sharing beauty via photography. You are beautiful. We’re all beautiful. As I work on building a portfolio I’m trying to take every chance I can get to be behind the lens, capturing this wide open, fabulous life and also sharing it with y’all. This definitely includes harassing my friends and family into photo shoots for now.

I also listen to A LOT of podcasts. Like ah-lot. Ted talks get me through my morning getting ready routine (“omg these people are SO amazing/inspiring, how can I help save the planet? Educate more girls? Combat poverty? Why am I crying RIGHT at the mascara step AGAIN??). I also listen to 1-2 podcasts each day during my commute to/from work… and those range from girl-boss-what-are-you-waiting-for-reach-your-true-potential type podcasts to health and wellness focused podcasts to hilarious storytelling podcasts. I’m a bit all over the map (hiiiii corporate hippie photographer chick 👋🏼). And all this stuff gets me thinking…so…also look for positive-themed posts here that have likely been spurred by my absolutely insatiable consumption of podcast content.

And finally, I went to college for VERY HEAVY communications/mass communications subjects. I love writing. I’ve always loved it. And aside from some well written emails, and kick ass PowerPoint presentations, I barely use this skill in real life anymore. It’s been YEARS since I’ve written anything for fun.

So, long story short, I’m just a corporate chick, who pairs feather earrings with blazers, who can design the hell out of a PowerPoint slide and write the hell out of an email (and likes it 🤭), but who also wants to let her inner little hippie artist photographer spread her beautiful wings.

Stay contradictory, my friends.