Your Thighs are Seriously Just Fine #newyearnewyou

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We’re getting to that time of the year where those shiny New Years Resolutions are starting to feel like a BIT of an uphill battle.

Or at least it is for me.

But I’ve tried to make some changes this year. Particularly in the way I’m thinking about myself and the reasons I want to make said resolutions in the first place…And I wanted to share, just in case it helps you too.

The problem

I believe that in order to accomplish some of our most earnest self-improvement goals, it’s not enough to rely on willpower alone. Maybe you want to lose weight? Me too. Willpower is fine until you’re screaming “FREEEEEDOM” a la Braveheart, clutching a bottle of Pinot in one hand and a bag of Oreos in the other.

Deprivation doesn’t work long term. We’re not wired for it.

The Fix

The trick, in my experience, is to flip the conversation in your head. To go from self-punishment and deprivation to self-love, positive goal setting and abundance.

Seek to ADD to your life, not to lose something. Rather than cutting out all sugar for the rest of time, add vegetables to every meal and 30 minutes of moving-your-body to every day. NOT because you hate your thighs, but because vegetables clean your blood/curb your appetite and exercise floods your brain with endorphins. Yay! Losing dessert is sad, but ADDING more vegetables is doable. And eat the dessert. #yolo

This can work for non-health related goals too. Is your goal to spend less money? De-clutter? Do less of something? Ask yourself, why. I’m guessing your ultimate goal is something like freedom from stress, more resources for other things, more space, more time. The tactics themselves (less money, less stuff) feel like deprivation. But the GOAL is abundance. Keep THAT in mind while you’re tossing out that sweater you haven’t worn since ’03, and I bet it’ll be easier to bid it farewell for good.

I feel like we should make these healthy, positive changes so that we have more energy & resources for LIVING. Not to punish ourselves for being “screwed up” and different than the “ideal.” I mean, whose ideal is that anyway?

I get it though. I’m tired too.

That’s why it’s kind of a waste of our precious time and energy to worry about an arbitrary “ideal.” I don’t think we’d be so concerned with our dress size if someone hadn’t told us we ought to be. And then on top of judging ourselves, we’re also worrying about whether other people are judging us for not stacking up. We all likely have enough to worry about without adding THAT.

Not Convinced?

Here’s a helpful perspective I heard recently: You are basically THE rarest and most magical being alive.

Did things just get weird?

Ok. Put a more logical way…Your personal combination of DNA and experiences has literally NEVER been seen before (in the past) and will NEVER be seen again (in the future). You are actually, scientifically, objectively, unique.

So why waste another minute HATING the things that make you, YOU? You are not broken. You’re good different, and your thighs are seriously just fine the way they are.

Why feel like you’re on the outside looking in? You ARE in, just by existing. Self improvement is awesome. Doing it because we feel like we are somehow “wrong” is not awesome. It’s unsustainable.

You’re a magical, statistical impossibility and it’s time to start acting like one.

How to Make Mornings Suck Less #morningroutine

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As soon as I said “morning routine” you heard your alarm clock in your head didn’t you? And did you cringe? I cringed.

The Sitch

I used to be really good at getting up with just enough time to take a quick shower and skate out the door to get to work at a decent time. That was when I was young and wild and free. After having kids, I realized that ish doesn’t fly anymore. I tried. I really did. But I ended up less “skating” into work (effortlessly grabbing a yogurt on my way in and gracefully grabbing the door for the person behind me in my cute heels), and more like belly flopping across the finish line (or starting line, really, in this case) with a mashed banana “kiss” on my leg.

I realized I needed more margin in the morning. With the additional responsibility of getting a kid ready too, my brain was a frazzled mess as I hit the ground running, and I carried that energy around all day. I was still good at my job, but I was anxiety-ridden and TIRED.

The Fix

I decided to start small. Margin-lite, if you will.

You know what’s coming, right? I’m a millennial mom. Put the pieces together, guys…

The answer was obviously yoga. 😉

And as basic as it may sound, it has helped IMMENSELY. I’ve been doing 10-15 minutes of yoga after I shower every single weekday morning for the last 4 years. NO JOKE.

As a starting point it’s extremely doable. My advice? 10-15 minutes of light & gentle physical activity. Don’t want to do it? It’s already DONE. Get the blood flowing. Turn your head upside down and stretch your muscles. Especially if you’re going to be sitting in front of a computer all day, give yourself this one warm-up so you don’t shrivel into a hunched-over, sad worker bee.

Tara Stiles has great short yoga videos on YouTube. This one is my go-to.

**The links here were not sponsored in any way, they’re just tools I use personally and I thought they might be useful for you too!!

Next, and more recently, I’ve added something else that has completely helped in a more subtle way…


There’s a concept known as “morning pages,” which I found out about after starting The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I would highly recommend the book for anyone looking to tap into their innate creativity (which, regardless of occupation, EVERYONE could use!).

So I adopted the habit. Every morning I write whatever pops into my head for about 15 minutes while I sip my coffee (after yoga).

I’ve been doing this for about 4 months now, and I’ve realized that my mind is a repetitive, boring place. BUT! Because it’s so repetitive, I’ve also come to recognize what actually matters to me and it’s become slightly easier to prioritize and dream about things I could do to align myself with the high priorities. Travel is one theme for me. Relationships/friendships are another. Photography and creativity come up a lot too. I use it to identify gratitude I have for my existing situation as well, because #abundance.

It’s also great to just get the various nonsense out of your head and onto paper. #housekeeping

We’re up to a 30 minute buffer between you and the rat race for those of you counting. I’d recommend setting your alarm for 30 minutes earlier and doing it before everyone else gets up. It’s just straight up easier than having someone yell, “CRISS CROSS APPLESAUCE” when you sit on your yoga mat and try to focus on your breathing.

Bonus tip: If you’re feeling extra saucy you could throw on a Ted Talk while you’re getting your clothes / hair / face game on. Ted Talks rule.

So now we’ve reached the point in my morning where the kids get up and start demanding more syrup for their waffles / refusing to put on socks / torturing each other. Which I have no advice for. Send help.

At least I’ve had a few minutes to get my zen on, which makes it a whole lot less stressful to skate everybody’s asses out the door to catch the bus.

Minimize to Maximize #Simplicity

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“Have stories to tell, not stuff to show” – Unknown

So I heard an awesome podcast the other day, featuring the founder of The Last Bookstore in LA, Josh Spencer. First of all, his story is amazing and if you get a chance, listen to the podcast “Don’t Keep Your Day Job with Cathy Heller” Season 2; Episode 59. In it, Spencer says something really profound about embracing the “plot twists” in your life’s story, and that he didn’t personally want his story to be a boring, sad one after being paralyzed at a young age. He went on to found an unbelievably successful bookstore/record store/art gallery that has become an icon in the LA area (with people even getting married there!).

In (probably not obviously) related news, I’m also following a lot of curiosity in the area of minimalism lately. I’m SO intrigued by the idea of capsule wardrobes, ruthless editing of the crap we allow in our house, owning less and DOING more. Breaking the anchors that keep us strung out. Working to feel freedom and enjoy the doing-part of life. I’m fascinated by the possibility of feeling lighter, less burdened by organizing and consuming.


We have so much crap. Toys, clothes, bins, boxes, papers, oh my! Our basement turns into a dumping ground for the crap we don’t want to look at it; but it’s there, looming, waiting for me to come down there to grab a roll of wrapping paper for a gift or an extra roll of paper towels. I want it gone. I want simplicity and I want clean.


The funny thing is, simplicity isn’t simple. Far from it. Simplicity takes work in this culture. Striving for simplicity forces you to understand the difference between what you need vs. what you want. It forces you to prioritize. Simplicity requires you to be an unwavering gatekeeper of what you allow in your home and life. It requires us to second guess the consumerism that is thrown at us literally 24/7. I have this romantic aspiration to have 1 of everything we need. But not just any one. The BEST one. The most unique, beautiful, one. I want handcrafted quality. I want ridiculously functional. And when that ONE gets worn out, we will thank it for its service, get rid of it and get a new one. But also, as you can tell in these pictures, a $1 net goes a long way too.


The dichotomy we have to address here, while we’re talking about getting rid of stuff, is the simplicity/abundance phenomenon. Just like simplicity isn’t simple, abundance does not equal more crap. The feeling of abundance comes from stripping away the distractions and noise. It comes from being able to crawl out from under the pile of stuff keeping you pinned to the ground and realize that the universe provides everything we need. It comes from taking a moment to realize just how freaking lucky you truly are to have woken up today with breath in your lungs and the opportunity to make this day HAPPEN. There is progress to be made, you can be healthier if you choose. You can create or nurture the relationships in your life if you choose. You can pick up a hobby, hone a skill, do something crazy, do nothing at all.


Abundance is realizing the truth that there is enough to go around. Simplicity is a tool available to get there. Oppression happens when we focus on scarcity and fear.

Which brings me back to the beginning. What kind of life are we simply accepting  underneath all this stuff? What kind of interesting stories are waiting for us on the other side? What could we do with all that time spent organizing, thinking about stuff, trying to buy happiness? We could go DO! Have adventures, explore, create life stories. Personally, I want to travel and spend time learning photography and taking beautiful pictures. I want to have a home base where we can spend time in comfort with family and friends (and I don’t want to have to break my jolly mood by shoving away all the crap before they come over). I want to spend as much time that is logistically possible getting to know the little humans we are raising. I want to take care of this body as best I can in order to fully participate in life. I want to wander in the woods and look around with wonder.

And funnily enough, most of those things, aren’t things.

Create a Life You Love #treatyoself


“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful, and that will be my life.”Elsie de Wolfe

So how does one “Create a life you love” you ask? Well, by actively surrounding yourself with things and experiences you love, duh.

But I’m totally not talking about going broke buying shoes…

Here, maybe this will help:

Imagine you’re on a desert island. Alone. After combing through the island looking for resources, you’ve discovered an ancient cave, full of ancient markings. And in this cave, you find a smooth stone on a pedestal with clear instructions to turn it 3 times in your hand, and it will manifest ANYTHING you want. Except escape from the island. What do you do? What do you wish for? What do you surround yourself with? No, stop trying to escape the damn island!! It’s an exercise. Go with it.

The point is, there is nobody there to judge you. What do you wish was there to pass the time? How do you choose to spend your time when you have endless resources but no commitments or expectations?

Back in the real world, it may seem like you have the exact opposite: no resources and endless commitments (usually to others). We don’t even realize we’re not incorporating any of the FUN stuff. The stuff that makes our soul sigh with relief and joy. The stuff that makes you feel safe and happy and cared for.

The beauty of this though, is that it doesn’t have to be anything crazy or huge or consequential. Just incorporate delightful things into your life. Period. And not just stuff you think is acceptable or “trendy.” For example, I love Harry Potter. When we were buying a new water bottle for my son for school, I spotted a covered Harry Potter mug – in the kids section – and totally bought it for myself. I know this is not “cool,” but I’ve been happily sipping away for the past month. It makes me unexplainably happy and who am I to argue 🤷🏼‍♀️ Are your feet always cold? Go get you some seriously cozy slippers. Do fresh flowers make you smile? Buy yourself some! Make your daily life slightly more comfortable, delicious and special.

I will say this though, it totally can be bigger than just flowers. Earlier this year, I realized I actually REALLY do like photography. I’ve had a DSLR camera for about 6 years now and have more or less just functioned with it over those years. Well, like I said, a few months ago I said to myself that I’m going to give photography a good ole college try and get GOOD at it. I wanted more of it in my life. I could literally spend HOURS taking, uploading and editing pictures. I get completely lost in it. Sooooo, I started to put more of it in my life. I got a nice lens (or two), subscribed to Adobe editing software and soak up tutorials, and make an effort to bring my camera out at least once every weekend. I’m definitely not the best photographer that ever was. I’m still a beginner, but I’ve seen my photography & editing improve immensely over the past few months and it’s made me SO HAPPY to have more of this hobby in my life! BOOM.

I’ve also been sooooo guilty of blaming my house for not being “sanctuary-esque” enough. Like, damnit house! Why don’t I feel calm when I walk in your door?? Then I look around, and realize hmmmm…if I were to just figure out a solution for that shoe clutter by the door, I wouldn’t be greeted by something that makes me angry when I walk in. And how about working on de-cluttering relentlessly so I can actually find things I’m looking for, rather than losing my freaking mind every time I need something? And what about a nice, glow-y salt lamp instead of harsh lighting when we’re relaxing as a family in the living room? And slippers. I highly recommend slippers.

And one last thing. Please don’t suffer needlessly. Fix things that just aren’t working. Cracked phone screen slicing your finger every time you try to text? Get. it. fixed. I firmly believe that having broken and sad things around you is bad juju. Just get your shit fixed or throw it away (I mean, probably don’t throw away your phone, but you get it).

These are essentially no-brainers. Make your life more comfortable. Fix your broken shit. Get a hobby. But, sometimes you (and I) just need a little more permission to breathe, rest and indulge.

Meditation (#notmyjam)


I kinda hate meditation. Well, to be more specific, I guess I hate seated meditation. It makes me super cranky for the rest of the day. And hot. And while that probably means I’m an EXTRA good candidate for it, I just can’t.

Enter, photography. I realized the other day, that photography is actually a sort of meditation. You must focus on what’s in front of you. You must pay attention! Like, real, intense attention to the here and now. Don’t look away! Don’t think about your to-do list. You might miss a moment! That sunset? Gone in 5 minutes. Those sweet, smiling, angelic children? Fighting again in 2 minutes flat.

“Everything looks different with a camera in your hand” – My cool uncle

And how true that is! There are beautiful things to capture all around, you just have to pay attention. Look at the geometry of that flower! The joy in your child’s face and their gorgeous lashes (jealous)!! The boats all lined up in the harbor! Literally stop and smell the roses.

With a camera in hand, you are truly HERE. NOW.

My challenge to you: The next time you are out and about, try and take 3 pictures of things that look interesting. That’s it. Going for a walk? Get that iPhone ready. Kids playing with legos? Snap snap snap. Once you set the intention, it’s really hard to stop noticing the beautiful and captivating scenes unfolding all around you.

Now think about what would happen if we set the intention in life to just notice the beauty. To LOOK for the beauty. You may start noticing things you didn’t notice before. Beautiful things. All around you.

This is technically meditation! Well, technically mindfulness, but a form of meditation. Think of it as calming your screeching, jumping monkey mind with less of a “full Nelson” and more of a “giving the monkey a puzzle and a snack” approach.

I’m going to give seated meditation another try. In the meantime I’m going to grab my camera and go for a walk.

Look at the world through the lens of documenting its intrigue. Breathe. Repeat.